Revolutionize Healthcare Industry Sales Engagement by Becoming Omnipresent

The healthcare sales rep appears to be in a state of decline. Physicians are less trusting and increasingly unavailable, IDNs are restricting procurement and prescribing, outcome-based operations are redefining needs, and non-industry sources are interfering with traditional channels. When expectations change, but sellers deliver more of the same; engagement will fail to deliver results.  

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In this Whitepaper…

The healthcare sales rep is entering a renaissance, but few are capitalizing on what can only be defined as this decade’s biggest opportunity for HCP engagement. Technology and contemporary challenges are prescribing a new approach to the way healthcare sales reps engage and add value to HCPs. This whitepaper reveals the major trends and shifting expectations to help you differentiate the way you add value to HCPs.

Topics Include;
  • An in depth look at why HCPs are harder to reach;
  • Chilling figures that reveal how HCPs see the healthcare sales rep;
  • Why the selling environment has become far more complicated in recent years;
  • The impact of IDNs and cost-based healthcare priorities;
  • A look at why today’s healthcare sales and marketing are obsolete;
  • New physician expectations from the industry;
  • A humbling glance at geographic variations among HCPs;
  • Five essential tactics of a new sales orientation; and
  • Defining the Omnipresent sales rep

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