Are your Commercial/Medical Teams Activating HCPs?

Drive Powerful Physician Engagement by Activating HCPs

There is a vacuum in physician engagement,

The industry is delivering communications that don’t add value, fail to convert, and frankly are not desired by physicians pressured by today’s healthcare challenges. The truth is that physicians today are empowered by digital channels which are faster and more effective than industry sources. When physicians want more, but the healthcare industry is providing less; a vacuum begins to form, and opportunities will be  missed because of an over-reliance on traditional processes.

Download the whitepaper to learn more about the shift in physician needs, and the communication tactics that work best for tomorrow’s healthcare provider.

In this Whitepaper…

As the healthcare industry downsizes sales teams and scrambles for innovative strategies to drive greater engagement, physicians just want patient outcomes and tailored support. This whitepaper outlines the new reality of physician engagement and provides an approach that invites greater participation with a more contemporary strategy.  

Topics Include;

  • An in depth analysis of physician satisfaction with industry communication tactics,
  • The biggest gap in today’s approach to healthcare communications,
  • How physicians look at healthcare sales reps today,
  • What physicians want from the industry,
  • Tactics that increase time-with-physicians,
  • How outside resources are shaping physician behavior,
  • Where, when, and how physicians prefer to be consume communications and content,
  • A new approach to physician engagement called ‘Activating HCPs’,
  • Four ways you can Activate HCPs today!

Driving stronger healthcare sales engagement by activating HCPs


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