2017 Healthcare Rep Survey Report - The Great Read


The ultimate report to learn top digital trends in HCP engagement from healthcare rep's viewpoint is here.

Download the report to learn about
  • Rep's immediate and near future challenges that are breaking successful HCP engagement.
  • Rep's access to and utility perception of existing digital tools such as CRM/SFAs, Remote Engagement and more
  • Rep's needs for basic and advanced digital capabilities to restore their relationship with HCPs

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Get a quick download with 15-min and 5-min summaries of the survey report.

This year's research is all about technology for sales people from life sciences and medical devices industries. For a quick read on tech innovations and trends in HCP Engagement and sales enablement, access this 15-minute special report.

If all you need  is to "gauge the digital savviness of today's healthcare reps," check out this interesting infographic. 

What is included in this report?

Nuggets of truth: The digital divide in HCP engagement marketplace 05 Summary
Access and Utility trends in HCP engagement technology marketplace 06-15 Chapter 1
Technology Access by regions, industry segments, and rep roles

Perceived Utility by regions, industry segments, and rep roles

Challenges of healthcare reps in HCP engagement 16-30 Chapter 2
Coverage-related challenges

Access-related challenges – 1&2

Account-related challenges

Multichannel-related challenges

Relevance-related challenges

Digital capability needs of healthcare reps 31-50 Chapter 3
Top digital capability needs of healthcare reps to tackle the 5 challenges

A note to the readers 

Who should read this report?

About the readers

This report should be insightful for anyone who shares the responsibility of improving HCP engagement for better patient outcomes, including:
  • Healthcare Digital and Innovation Leaders
  • Commercial, Brand, Sales, and IT Managers
  • Healthcare Business/Technology Analysts and Consultants
  • Commercial, Medical, and Device Reps 

Why read this report?

About the survey

The "2017 Healthcare Rep Survey" was conducted online among field professionals from Pharma, Biotech, and Medical Device and Diagnostics industry segments of healthcare, globally. The objective is to provide unique perspective of healthcare sales, medical, institutional, device, and other reps on their everyday HCP engagement challenges, and their access to, use of, and capability needs from HCP engagement technologies.

What do the survey respondents have to say?

"This was a great representation with great questions."

- A Specialty/Hospital Sales respondent from a North American medical equipment company.


"In the integrality of the functions it becomes necessary 360 degree management of the business, commercial customer management, and details of these. Also the management at institutional level and access."

- A Specialty/Hospital sales respondent from a LATAM-based biotech company comments on his HCP engagement challenges.

"Problems are not with software - problems are in making relationships to make the software relevant to customers."

- A Primary Care Rep from an North American pharma company comments on additional capabilities needed.

"Customers are not always keyed in to the newest trends as well... and we spend a fair amount of time educating them, or they are basing decisions on poor data and outdated information..."

- A Device Rep from a North American medical device company comments on his HCP engagement challenges.

"A lot of General Physicians have adopted a system of appointments which limits our access and frequency to see them. Hospital doctors are more difficult to see because of limited access again and chance of encounter."

- A Medical Rep from a European pharma company comments on her HCP engagement challenges.

"Market intelligence, sales forecasts, and stocks in major hospitals and pharmacies."

- A Managed Care/KAM Rep from an APAC-based medical device company comments on additional capabilities needed.

"Managed care is a challenge. We need to be equipped to provide "actionable" solutions to our customers who face issues in helping their patients receive "our" medicines."

- A Specialty/Hospital Sales Rep from a North American pharmaceutical company comments on his HCP engagement challenges.

Marc Valdiviezo

Vice President – Commercial Software Solutions,

"Honestly, reps have never found a voice or seat on the table where decisions are being made about what and how they should be doing their jobs at building and maintaining customer relationships. Given the current landscape, we thought we would ask reps directly and bring their voice straight to their managers and directors whose decisions can make or break their efficiency and effectiveness."

Participants by industry segment

  • Biotech | 6.7%
  • Pharmaceuticals | 45.5%
  • Medical Devices and Diagnostics | 41.3%
  • Others | 6.5%

Participants by continent

  • Latin America | 9.0%
  • North America | 34.2%
  • Europe | 40.3%
  • Asia Pacific | 16.5%

Participants by rep role

  • Specialty/Hospital Sales | 33.5%
  • Medical Reps (MSL/MedInfo) | 17.4%
  • Device Reps | 17.0%
  • Primary Care Sales | 10.9%
  • Managed Care or KAM Reps | 9.6%
  • Others | 11.6%